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Hey hey

I saw there was a new iPhone app update that they even changed the icon for so I thought I'd check it out.
I hope things are going okay for everyone :)
Things are pretty okay for me around here. Doug and I are busy doing MANY things, but among them, planning our wedding. We finally have a date- October 12, and we've finally secured a venue. It's at one of the clubhouses where some of our family live. That place had been mentioned since the beginning and I never particularly wanted to do it there, but the location is good and the price is damn right (like, $250 +a refundable deposit) plus we get it for the whole weekend. So we can do set up and a rehearsal dinner on the day before. The layout is pretty awkward and it's way smaller than I was anticipating, but we'll make it work. We're going to have to lol. I would have liked to find somewhere else really but we just don't have time for that, Doug is never home right now. Please God and all the Universe, give us a beautiful day on October 12, 2013. We're damn sure going to need all that outside space. As long as people can walk around and mingle, there's enough room, but so much of the useable space is outside space. And the ceremony will be outside, and that's all exactly what I want. But the weather must be on our side. A little rain wouldn't ruin my wedding day. But a lot of it would. Mid October usually isn't much of a crazy weather time in North Georgia though :)
Doug's stepdad owns a catering business, so food is covered. I want simple, after lunch-well before dinner, mingle-friendly finger type foods. They made little sandwiches, meatballs, chicken skewers, fruit and veggies for Devon's wedding and I'd like something easy like that. And a chocolate fountain. Oh yeah, that's totally happening lol. With strawberries and cherries and marshmallows. I don't care besides that lol om nom nom.
We've got our wedding party set up, which is bigger than I would have expected but we figured it was all or nothing. Not that it's huge, we'll each have four attendants and a flower girl, but I never would have thought that I'd actually have bridesmaids one day lol. Heather's Maid of Honor and Josh is Best Man, his little girl will be our flower girl. Those were obvious. But I will also have Larry as a bridesman, and Doug's two sisters will be bridesmaids. Doug's dad and two brothers will be his groomsmen. I've been thinking of what everyone should wear, and our colors are predominately brown and orange. I've found a beaded brown sash that I'll wear with my dress (when I find one) and I want the girls in solid brown dresses with an orange sash, and Larry in a brown suit with an orange tie. He can suit up to his tastes since he doesn't have to match anyone. Doug agreed that tuxes are just easier, so he and his attendants will be black tux, brown vest/tie. Orange flowers for everyone :)
Since we've finally finalized the date, Heather's making our Save the Dates now. We're buying stamps this weekend. My address collecting is going "okay" lol.

It helps to write this out and see the things we have done and not just think of all the things that still need to be done. I think my next immediate concern is my dress. I figured I'd look online at David's Bridal first just because, and I found a dress I really love. For like $200 so that's awesome. But it's only available online, and I need to go in someplace an get sized and try on different styles. I won't be over the top, but I would like to look like a bride :) There are way fewer David's Bridal around than I realized, though. I was looking up reviews because your experience with any big chain store is usually pretty store-specific. It seems I should go to the one in Athens but I didn't expect to have to go that far. I'm hoping Heather and my mom will take me. My Dad lives around 15 miles from Athens now though and we haven't been to his new house.
I'm hoping my dad will help me hire a photographer. We're saving a lot of money in some places, but I don't see this as something we can catch a deal on or something that I'm willing to sacrifice anything for. I really think a good photographer is absolutely the most important thing we're going to have to find. Pictures have always been really important to me and good quality photos make all the difference in the world. A great photographer can make a mediocre event look phenomenal, but a bad photographer could make the most beautiful wedding or elaborate ceremony look dull and drab and boring. People keep telling me about people they know that take great pictures, and frankly if they feel like coming and taking some pictures out of the goodness of their heart, they're welcome to and I'd appreciate it, but in the end, no, Im hiring a professional lol
We need to find a cake now too I suppose :) I know what I want it to look like, but wedding cakes are complex so I dunno what each bakery has to offer or whatever. We'll have to start checking it out lol. I want a white cake, no fondant, I fucking hate fondant. Buttercream, textured somehow. We're gonna put two little pumpkins on top. So spice/pumpkin/cinnamon cake would be good. Fall flavors, we're embracing a fall theme. Maybe a cream cheese/buttercream frosting.

Dammit I want cake so bad now omg :(

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When they put My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Netflix, I was excited because it always seemed like a show I'd like a lot if I could invest the time in watching it, but I just can't ever get into watching TV on the computer, and we haven't had regular TV for a few years now.
(That was a hell of a sentence.)
But I never expected that Doug, Josh (our roomate), and I would be watching it over dinner, making ringtones from show clips, and stenciling brony shirts a month later. I love that they love it so much. Bonified brony household.
Also, clopclop.
We are watching season two on YouTube on the PS3 now, so I'm hoping maybe I'll catch up with some other show I never bothered to try before too. I'd really like to check out Wilfred lol

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I had to make a post to show off one of the awesome icons that starcharmer just made for me :D The other one is my default now, too. They are just amazing, I love them so much.

My neighbors must know that the summer fire ban starts tomorrow. The whole neighborhood is filled with smoke from whatever they're burning over there. It burns my eyes. Pollen doesn't help them either. I'm sitting on the porch burning something for myself wink and my eyes are red for all the wrong reasons. Haa.

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Gah. March was so hot. Record temps for days. It was 30-something degrees last night! WTF, April? D:

So I replaced my coffee with root beer this morning. Barq's has bite. But its not quite the same. lol. I haven't finished more than a half a cup of coffee in a week, so I figured I shouldn't bother today.

I don't ever know what to post about anymore :P

I have things I want to try to sell, but I'm not sure if my absence from LJ would interfere with my likelihood of selling them. I've got a good handful of small pokemon plushies, and I've got one of those GIANT MEEKO plushies that you know you've seen someone doing something weird to on FA or wherever before. Yeah those. I've been wanting to sell that bad boy for some time. Over the years, I've seen a few pop up on eBay and they're always starting at $100 bucks easy.
I miss making crafty crap that I could sell. Well that I feel like I could sell. I used to just up and make awesome things for the sake of filling a boredom hole or wanting a t-shirt that doesn't exist or just because I was awesome and I was going to make something awesome. I don't do that much anymore. There's no time. I don't understand where all my time goes during the day, considering I don't feel like I ever do anything. It's just all sucked into CONSTANT VIGILANCE of the house. Dishes, laundry, sweep, vacuum, mop, bathrooms, pets, something. Always always always fucking something D:
But anyway...
I do have to go toss some towels in the dryer. And I have to clean the dishwasher out and refill it. I haven't thought about what else is pressing at the moment.
Guess I'll go on about my house Frau ways :/

Sup everybody? :)